Photo Credit: 79Photography

Photo Credit: 79Photography

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Meghan brings her attention to detail and love of beautiful craft to her architectural photography.  She understands that a building should be portrayed within the perspective of the architect’s vision and intended program, as well as its context and human-use patterns.  With an eye for materiality and detailing Meghan’s images range from facade panoramas to detail shots highlighting the well-crafted intersection of materials.

Landscape Architects

Meghan started Built Work Photography due to the need in the industry for architectural photography that accurately and artfully portrays site design.  Meghan’s landscape architectural images capture the spatial qualities and human use unique to this field, delivering images that elevate the professional marketing of site work to architectural industry standards.  

Interior Designers

Meghan understands that photography of interior architecture needs to document as well as express the livability and rich details of the built work.  With her personal style grounded in minimalism she works to capture the lines and essential qualities of her client’s work.


Workflow, Products, and Pricing

Built Work Photography's process for commissioned photography begins with a phone or in-person consultation to discuss goals and objectives, designer vision, as well as desired image types and quantity.  All commissioned and stock photography is priced per image with the client having full control over the final quantity of selected images and therefore final cost.  Communication is clear, direct, and timely to deliver image files to the following specification:

  • TIFF ,16 bits, RGB Color Space, 600dpi

  •  JPEG, 2000x3000 pixels(panoramas may vary), RGB Color Space, 300dpi.

  • All photography is captured with a full-frame 42 megapixel camera.

Stock images to the above specification are also available.  Please contact us for rates and specific image requests.

Architectural Photography

Built Work Photography has a tiered pricing structure based on firm size which aims to make quality photography more accessible and affordable for professionals.  Commissioned photography is priced per photo to allow for large and small quantity image requests giving the designer agency over cost and image needs. Contact us for current prices and licensing terms.

Real Estate Photography

With single package rates based on property square footage and 24 hour turnaround times our services cater to the fast-paced real estate industry.  Contact us for current prices and scheduling. Read more here.

Meghan Montgomery

With a background in landscape architecture, Meghan uses her design sensibility and architectural experience to photograph built work for professional marketing.  She holds degrees from the University of Washington in Art History and Landscape Architecture and combines this education with her twelve years of professional practice in New York and Seattle to inform her photographic style.  She has traveled extensively for her personal photography, focusing on vernacular architecture, natural construction techniques, and the intersection of the built environment and natural landscape. 

Meghan’s approach to photographing architectural work centers on the authentic representation of light and spacial activation.  She achieves this by selecting the right time of day for each project’s aspect and expected use pattern, believing that the best way to market a work is to portray it in its best light and natural activation.  With this up-front attention to project-specific conditions, Built Work Photography’s RAW images are minimally processed to represent the natural environment on the day of the shoot.


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